An award winning executive producer; writer; producer and director, Jeff Fishman received the 2008 Best Comedy Special ALMA Award for his Showtime Comedy special ‘Hick-Spanic’, a Home Media Magazine 2008 Best Stand-Up Comedy DVD Award and 2002 Guardian of the Earth Award for his documentary The Water Crisis: Israel, Drought and the Peace Process. Jeff is UCG’s managing member. He has lectured at NAB, NATPE, participated as an entertainment industry expert upon panels and as an adjunct professor. Jeff began his new media experience as the beta test company for the first computer-telephony integration in 1991 and participated in the 2008 Amanda VLOG, the first use of new media to launch Ford’s Focus in a complete online marketing / entertainment experience.

In 2008 Jeff negotiated and structured the first ad spot-like mobile content purchase with Wizzard Media extending an entertainment reach across all distribution platforms on an economically sound, up-front and revenue sharing fees, basis thereby leading the way for Usher’s content agreement later in the year. In 1999, Jeff created and integrated the world’s first financial portal linking all financial services with video-on-demand technology and content. He has served as a lobbyist in Washington D.C. and worked upon numerous political campaigns. A former Moxie Independent Filmmakers Festival executive board member and chairman of its marketing committee; In 2003 Jeff received humanitarian awards for his work on ‘Water Crisis’.

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