United Cinema Group gets private demo of Digital Sputnik’s new digital lighting system

United Cinema Group was invited to a private demo of the newest technology LED system that is being used on the next Star Wars Movie and a number of major features. The system includes Lighting Units fitted on Drones to follow and light arial capture.

UCG is exploring its use for Episodic Social Media series and Full-Length-Features.

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Auto X and Warrior Cobra Drive Join Forces

On June 15, Richard Rutherford and his teenage son will begin the drive in Richard’s Shelby Cobra from Camp Pendleton in California to Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Along the way, they will be raising awareness and funds for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and the Semper Fi Fund. All proceeds will be donated to […]

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Sunset Confidential: Part 1 Background on an Over-Night Success

There’s a cute, yet very accurate, saying in Hollywood: “They became an over-night success … Ten years later.” Accurate because, like nearly every specialty or business, it takes hard work and tenacity to succeed in Hollywood. Allow me to explain using two good friends, Robert Arevalo and Skip Fredricks, as examples:

Robert Arevalo is an actor. You’ve probably viscerally enjoyed watching him die, horribly, in several Robert Rodriguez and other movies. An excellent actor, you want to cheer when his character meets a well-deserved end. He’s a large, fit martial arts expert. Always smiling and soft spoken, he’s the nicest guy you would ever want to meet off-screen.

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TMZ Executive Producer, Evan Rosenblum: Interview with a Celebrity Interviewer

TMZ, a relative newcomer, began in 2005 as the brainchild of Harvey Levin… you know, the “I’m a Lawyer” guy. TMZ made its way onto TV in 2007. For those who may have forgotten, “TMZ” is short for “The Thirty Mile Zone”; or Hollywood Producer short-speak for the 30-mile radius within which most Hollywood movie production occurs and the distance after which extra crew fees and travel expenses kick-in.

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Real Life Ray Donovans and Olivia Popes: Hollywood’s Fixers, Private Protection and Security

‘I know a guy,’ several actually. Each is very good at their interesting craft. All aspects of their help is quite legal, extremely ethical and above board. My friends’ respective avocation is Private Security and Personal Protection. Each comes from a Military, Secret Service (and other Alphabet Agency) or Law Enforcement.

You likely won’t recognize real-life Fixers, they have expert ‘blending-into-the-background’ abilities and are vastly different from the successful Hollywood characters Ray Donovan (Showtime’s Ray Donovan) and Olivia Pope (ABC’s Scandal).

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Gentlemanly Arts

After a relentless week that just seemed to test every part of my gentlemanly self, I like to sit with a special cigar and enjoy the perfectly matched scotch. The correct company, during these moments of respite, always helps rejuvenate m inner gentleman. I may not be alone in these sentiments.

At these times I also seem to reflect upon the various ‘Aqua Viteo’ (‘nectar of life’), or ‘liquid gold’ (as Scotch is some­times known). I have enjoyed, sampled and imbibed over the years.