TMZ Executive Producer, Evan Rosenblum: Interview with a Celebrity Interviewer

TMZ, a relative newcomer, began in 2005 as the brainchild of Harvey Levin… you know, the “I’m a Lawyer” guy. TMZ made its way onto TV in 2007. For those who may have forgotten, “TMZ” is short for “The Thirty Mile Zone”; or Hollywood Producer short-speak for the 30-mile radius within which most Hollywood movie production occurs and the distance after which extra crew fees and travel expenses kick-in.

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Real Life Ray Donovans and Olivia Popes: Hollywood’s Fixers, Private Protection and Security

‘I know a guy,’ several actually. Each is very good at their interesting craft. All aspects of their help is quite legal, extremely ethical and above board. My friends’ respective avocation is Private Security and Personal Protection. Each comes from a Military, Secret Service (and other Alphabet Agency) or Law Enforcement.

You likely won’t recognize real-life Fixers, they have expert ‘blending-into-the-background’ abilities and are vastly different from the successful Hollywood characters Ray Donovan (Showtime’s Ray Donovan) and Olivia Pope (ABC’s Scandal).

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