‘Kingsman’ Movie Review: A 21 st Century, stylish and hip spy thriller

The Kingsman poster

By Jeff Fishman, Executive Producer at United Cinema Group, LLC

Rating: *****

I was fortunate enough to be one of the first invited to the pre-premiere screening of ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ in Los Angeles, about a month before its theatrical release. This Movie, Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons’ Graphic Novels, is a delight and, if you haven’t already experienced it, I highly recommend that you see it in your local theater if possible. I’m certain you will thank me for recommending this Action ride in the vein of a very updated and relevant ‘Batman Begins’ meets ‘James Bond’ meets ‘Iron Man’. ‘Kingsman’ appeals to almost every age demographic and I give it Five out of Five Stars.

Updated, too, is Director Matthew Vaughn’s modern storytelling that portrays a more Prince William and Princess Kate British Aristocracy, focusing upon the actual worth of one’s deeds and not merely your family’s high social status or amassed wealth. (No disrespect to her Majesty, by the way. I remain a fan of the Queen of England. If you do some research into her life, you’ll find that she’s been a Royal Action Heroine since the 1930s, at least.)

Writer Jane Goldman is able to tell her story about the Movie’s hero, Eggsy, who must learn to stand up and take responsibility instead of simply lashing out in violence because it’s easier or a more rapid solution, without boring her audience. Instead of being a cliché, Goldman’s story sends the perfect message that one is able to stand up for themself when they learn to stand up for a good cause, their friends and their family. (Something France and the world recently experienced in the wake of indefensible Terrorist violence.) Goldman gets this message across while never interfering with the essence of her Action storytelling.

Without slowing the pace or interrupting Millar, Gibbons and Goldman’s good story, Vaughn is able to tackle some truly troubling present-day issues like domestic violence and discerning real ‘Save the Planet’, from ‘Save the Planet for Profit’ hucksters.

While the movie is sexy … without being salacious … there is NO sexism. Women beat the snot out of men and work side-by-side them without having to expose body parts as an indication of their worth. I’m recommending the Movie to my Nieces. Yeah, it’s that good and my nieces are that strong.

But there is no want for ACTION. The 129 minutes of movie flies by and feels like 90, as Goldman and Vaughn present very positive role models for both men and women. Make no mistake: this is an Action Movie! But unlike some action Movies that inspire audiences to leave the theater picking fights when they emulate the movie’s characters, I actually experienced noticeably courteous and gentlemanly behavior from the exiting ‘Kingsman’ audience. I have to admit being a little taken aback by it; but in a very uplifting way.

Finally, don’t walk out on the credits. Imbedded within the Final Credits are additional scenes that add to, rather than merely prolong, the ending.