Original TV Series

Auto X is a 13-week series on luxury Supercars and Hypercars that provides the viewer a unique visual and audio experience on just how these cars are built, drive, sound and what it feels like from a professional driver’s perspective.

These automobiles or motorcycles must be a limited production run. Your top-end may be faster than most helicopters or many private airplanes; but you will wait to receive your multi-million dollar order even after placing a 6-figure deposit.

And then, there’s the culture. Who buys these extravagant and elegant beasts? What’s a drive to the country with these folks feel like? The air in these circles can be so rarified, you may not believe you can breathe the lifestyle.

We won’t just talk about or watch these incredible machines; you’ll learn about what makes their technologies unique as you watch celebrity drivers learn how to drive their Supercar. You may also find where to acquire the more pedestrian version of that Supercar or Super Motorcycle at a cost you can afford and join other home audience members competing for an opportunity to take one of these thoroughbreds for a spin on ‘Auto X’.